The Pendulum

Everything fluctuates…
our personal lives, 
our relationships, 
our souls, 
but also humanity as a collective

Over the ages we’ve evolved,
elevated ourselves….
and evolved again,
to higher wisdom, once again
as an individual and a soul
as a collective, as a species

Everything is always in movement
for our highest good
Through dark & light,
through good & bad
and everything in between

All these phases are represented
in a pendulum

No matter at what level the struggle is
or in which area, just know…

The Pendulum always finds its way back to harmony,
as long there is movement


(sound on and enjoy)

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Patricia: August 5 2022

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  1. Norma Denise Lara

    Beautiful Patricias!!! Thanks!!!! ❤️❤️❤️


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